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Conte Lucangeli

The estate is located on the hills that slope down from Macerata towards the Adriatic Sea

Tenuta Conte Lucangeli

A long history in cultivation

Qui si coltivano viti e olivi, da cui si producono vino e olio fin dal XVI secolo. Le prime testimonianze risalgono al 1592, e i conti Lucangeli ne sono i proprietari e continuano la tradizione dal 1870.

A suggestive lake

The property contains a picturesque lake at the foot of the silent valley, ideal for sport fishing.

Our White Wines

Our White Wines embody elegance with their golden hue and green reflections. With complex bouquets of white flowers, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs, they offer freshness, minerality and balanced acidity.

Perfect for fish, shellfish, fresh and medium-aged cheeses.


Le nostre uve bianche


Le nostre uve bianche


Le nostre uve bianche


Le nostre uve bianche

our red wines

Our Red Wine has an intense ruby color with complex aromas of red fruits, sweet spices and herbaceous hints.

On the palate it is elegant with softness, well-integrated tannins and lively freshness.


Le nostre uve


Le nostre uve


Le nostre uve


Le nostre uve

a small village

Centrale la chiesetta dedicata a S. Liberato, la villa e la cantina

Our Wines

Prezzo in Cantina € 5,50
Prezzo in Cantina € 5,50
Prezzo in Cantina € 5,50
Prezzo in Cantina € 7,00
Prezzo in Cantina € 5,50

Miele Millefiori

Available in two quantities:
• 1 kg cost € 11,00
• 0,5 Kg cost € 7,00

Extra virgin olive oil

Available in three quantities:
• 1L bottle cost € 14,00
• 3L tank cost € 42,00
• 5L tank cost € 70,00

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